The Magic of a Shaker Peg Rail

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Let’s talk about Shaker Peg Rails


A shaker peg rail is one of the most versatile and functional things that can be added to any room or any type of home. I first discovered Shaker Peg Rails when I was reading Remodelista’s The Organized Home book and I was completely smitten. I loved that a peg rail can go in any room and either blend in or become a focal statement. It adds character, architectural interest, functionality and adds a whole other layer to adding coziness. After posting our finished product I had so many people messaging me and telling me they are trying to figure out where they can put one in their own home. And sister, I have so many ideas for you.

a shaker peg rail is always a good idea.

Now to be clear, my husband and I are not DIY’ers. We followed the tutorial on The Grit and Polish, but we needed a bit more guidance with securing the molding to the wall and making sure it was sturdy. We are going to install one more rail in our laundry room before we write our full tutorial, but I do have some advice in the meantime.

A few key pieces of advice I can give//General Outline:

  • Have Home Depot cut your boards if you don’t have a saw (we used unfinished Ash/Poplar wood that was 1”x4”x6’. We had taken our measurements and double checked with the workers).

  • When we got home I mapped out where I wanted to put the shaker pegs. I placed our pegs about 8 inches apart and 4 inches from the edge, this really depends on what will feel balanced for your section of wall.

  • Once we had them mapped out we marked on the board with pencil where they would go and then we used the forstner bit to drill out the peg whole before we secured it to the wall (this allowed us to make sure we didn’t go into the wall).

  • When securing your board to the wall, sink your screws. We drilled a shallow hole with a larger drill bit where the studs were and then used a skinnier drill bit to go all the way through the trim into the wall, then we put our screws in. This will be crucial when you spackle over and cover them.

  • We used construction adhesive to attach the peg rails into the board. This was super simple and we used a caulk gun to keep the application really easy and seamless. We found our peg rails near where the trim board lumber is, but I’ve also seen them in other departments. Ask a worker. It’s amazing how quickly and easily they can find tiny items in such a big store.

    But we’re here to discuss all the glorious ways the shaker peg rail can be used and all the amazing ways it can be used.

    Bathrooms // BEDROOMS

    Shaker pegs are a perfect addition to any bathroom or bedroom. It can be painted the same color as the wall or it can be painted another color to stand out. It’s perfect for holding towels, clothes, mirrors, art, or anything else. I’m planning to add one to both of our bathrooms to add a little character and a whole lot of function. Use it as trim around the entire room (like in the photo on the right from Grit and Polish below) I also love the idea of adding it to the inside of a closet or on the back of a door to increase function of a small space. Put wainscoting, beadboard, tile, or other types of trim to really add character to the room.

The Grit and Polish | Farmhouse Bathroom

The Grit and Polish | Farmhouse Bathroom

Via Instagram JH Interior Design

Via Instagram JH Interior Design


I love, love, love the use of a shaker peg rail in a mudroom. It allows coats to be hung, bags to be held, brooms to be left out, and the functions are endless. I am looking to add the rails around to our entire laundry room. If you want to take it to another level, get a super cute wooden or bamboo broom and dust pan. Throw a beautiful painting or pretty picture and the whole thing feels real nice and cozy.


And so there it is! My most favorite images that inspire me for using a shaker peg rail. I love that it can line a room and look like custom trim, it can increase function in small spaces and when it’s painted as the same color of the wall, it allows it to blend. I can’t wait to add it to our laundry room, our closets, our bathrooms, and who knows where else.

Stay tuned for more shaker peg rail adventures! Hop over to my instagram and let me know all your shaker peg rail hopes and dreams.