How to: Paint a Fireplace


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Painting a fireplace is a quick, easy, and affordable way to update any fireplace in any space. I have painted every fireplace we’ve ever had (a grand total of three) and this last one I painted it twice! I teamed up with our local Spectrum Paint Co and decided to give our space a dose of moodiness and depth.

believe in the power of paint

Shortly after moving into our house I painted our fireplace a fresh coat of white to match our walls and trim. And I loved that this color felt like breath of fresh air, but I also felt like something was missing. A fireplace is a focal point of almost any room it’s in and it has the ability to make a statement. And so I began to scheme…


am i capable of painting my fireplace?

Painting a fireplace is super easy and approachable. The biggest thing comes down to figuring out what primer would work best for the material on your fireplace (stone, tile, brick, etc.) Figure out what shade you want— white will enhance the texture and keep things light and airy, black paint packs a punch of contrast and greige is a beautiful option for in-between. There are fun neutral colors like a cool slate blue, or a deep hunter green that work well in a variety of spaces and for a variety of styles as well.

what type of materials should i use?

I recommend satin or semi-gloss for mantle or trim pieces and a matte for any stone or tile. If you need something more wipeable, then satin is a safer finish. Spectrum was so great for teaming up with this facelift and we used Benjamin Moore Advanced Trim paint and y’all IT’S SO GOOD. This paint is exceptional in every way- it covers super well, and it minimizes any brush strokes. It’s the next best thing to spraying it. I recommend testing out your samples to make sure you’ve found the color you like in your space. Paint looks much difference on a surface then it does on a little chip card in the store.

Tiny Bits of Happiness | How to Paint a Fireplace


  • 2'“ angled shorty brush

  • Quart of Paint (if using two different sheens like I did, you’ll get two quarts: one satin, one matte)

  • Paint Tray (I like the smaller guys for smaller projects like this)

  • Paint Tarp/Canvas

  • Optional: Roller for larger flat surfaces

  • Optional: Tape

how to paint your fireplace:

  1. If you chose to use tape, tape any areas that you want to protect.

  2. Prime your tile and mantle (check with your local paint store to ensure you get the right type of primer for your type of surface.

  3. After priming, use a 2” angled brush to paint the first coat using high quality paint.

  4. Paint the surrounding tile, once you’ve already primed it with an appropriate primer (I used Benjamin Moore Advanced Trim paint again in a flatter matte sheen).

  5. Touch it up and style it!

Tiny Bits of Happiness | How to Paint Fireplace

And that’s it! It has created so much drama in this room and has made it feel like this fireplace as a richer history than being 4 years old. I can’t wait to get it styled for each holiday and I’m so glad she stands so purdy all on her own.

What paint questions do you have? Do you have some spaces you can spice up? Now go grab your brush and get rollin’!




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