Amazon Finds with Modern Farmhouse Traditional Vibes

I think we can all agree at this point that Amazon is a glorious and amazing resource for anything and everything. Anything you want at the tip of your finger tips and can be shipped to you in about two days, could we ask for more?

BUT, it can also be a little overwhelming to navigate ALL the goodies and amazing finds on there. I recently started to use with more of a “fined-tuned'“ eye searching for items that are made of real materials and that will look just as beautiful sitting out as they are functional.

I am also very head-over-heels for anything that evokes a ‘Modern Traditional’ with a touch of ‘Modern Farmhouse’ vibe. It feels cozy and homey, yet collected and quality. It feels welcoming and curated without being stuffy and too formal. It allows for natural textures, greenery, light and bright with darker contrasting colors to anchor it. It feels like the perfect wining combination.

Y’all trust me when I say, there are some REAL good finds on here.

Loren Bullard Photography

Loren Bullard Photography


One of my favorite things we have gotten for our house is our LoLoi rug! This rug appears to be different colors in different shades of light, but it is always equally beautiful. It is a SUPER affordable price point that is made to get better with age. It is very flat which makes vacuuming and cleanup a breeze. I put a nice thick rug pad underneath to keep it in place and add a little extra cushion. I want this rug in every room of our home and we are going to be getting another one as a runner for our kitchen. Seriously, for the price and size and quality this rug can’t be beat- it truly is the bees knees.

Loren Bullard Photography

Loren Bullard Photography


After reading “Remodelista” and diving into their website further, my thinking and approach for adding materials to our home changed. Textiles like cotton and linen only get better with age, opposed to cheap fabrics like polyester, acrylic, etc. I found our stoned-washed cotton king-sized duvet cover and matching shams on Amazon for such a steal. The fabric is so soft and it almost feels like linen. The buttons add this beautiful natural touch and function amazing (these buttons never pop open and always do a good job). King-sized bedding can be so expensive from other retailers and they often don’t include pillow shams, which made me feel even better about this set. The fact that it has a quality feel and look makes it a guaranteed win in my book.

Below are the rest of my favorite goodies from decor to reading. Here are the deets on what’s below (you can read through, or scroll down and click on each photo to be taken directly to the goody!) .


  • Remodelista: if you know me, you’ve heard me talk about Remodelista. I’m obsessed. I’m a HUGE fan and believer in anything they do. This book is not only beautiful, but it is filled with rich and inspiring home interiors AND a whole list of resources and items that can be part of your home.

  • Habitat by Lauren Liess: This book is one I grab for time and time again. It is filled with TONS of tangible information how to lay out and design your home. It truly demystifies and gives great strategies and information for crafting your space. Also, it even makes your home look prettier while it sits out.


  • Breadbox: This beauty is made of sturdy enamel and is made to hold so much more than bread. I had put all of our coffee supplies in here and it really allows you to put anything you may want concealed out on your kitchen counter. In a pantry or on a counter, it delivers in both function and style.

  • French Style Drinking Glasses: These beautiful and classically shaped Duralex glasses are 2.5 times more resistant to break. They are dishwasher, refrigerator and microwave safe AND to top it off they are made in France.

  • French Market Tote: Are we sensing a theme here? But truly, this bag is not only beautiful, but it’s also functional. I actually leave mine in my car filled with all my other canvas totes for our grocery store trips, but it is beautiful enough to be used in an entry way, to put blankets in, or have out in any room.

  • Wooden Shelf Sitter: This can be used in the kitchen, on a shelf, in the bathroom, on a long table— it can be used anywhere. It’s super versatile and it can be used alone, or items can be placed on top.

  • Linen Apron: This linen apron will look beautiful beautiful hung up AND on. Also bonus: linen gets even more beautiful with age. Win Win.


  • Stone-Washed Cotton Duvet Set: I am IN love with our duvet set. It is super soft and has a very natural organic feel (very similar to linen). This bedding set has beautiful button closures and it comes with two matching shams.


  • Rug: Like I said up above, this beauty is the BEES KNEES. It’s super affordable, flat woven which let’s it be cleaned and vacuumed so easily. It look vintage and it’s made to get better with age.

  • Basket: This basket needs no introduction. it looks beautiful in any room, any where, any time. And it’s crazy affordable.

  • Basket Tray: This tray could be used truly in any room, anywhere. It adds great texture and it can help break up the non-stop color of surfaces our eyes see. Couldn’t love it more.

  • Brass Lamp: Something about a brass lamp is so inviting to me. It invites us to read, sit, be with each other. The shape of this is a little more interesting than the typical cone variety on the market and the soft curved lines help break up all the rectangular shapes that usually run a room (tables, sofas, rugs, etc.)


  • Turkish Towels: Hang ‘em up, drape ‘em over stuff— I honestly think they would even look beautiful lying on the floor. Made of natural cotton they will only get better with age. Total winner.

Which ones are your favorite? What is your favorite way to infuse a modern, but collected and cozy feel in your home? Leave a comment below.



Affordable Amazon Finds with Modern Farmhouse Traditional  Vibes
Tiny Bits of Happiness: Amazon Finds with Modern Farmhouse Traditional vibes