Master Bedroom Reveal - Phase One | Light & Bright Master Bedroom Reveal

When we first walked through our new house, the cherry on top was the FANCY feeling traced ceiling in our master bedroom that created some serious presence.  It felt so much more grand and serious than any other bedroom we’ve ever had. It was a design challenge for me to create our laid-back style with something more traditional and formal.

The before photo is definitely not bad, it’s just not us. We like light and bright. We like the feeling of fresh and clean. The room just didn’t do it. The entire room was also painted a medium-dark gray that was found in the rest of the house and it felt a little too dark and enclosed. I knew we had to paint the walls, while trying to work with the trim and traced-ceiling paint that was already in the room.  

Our whole gameplay revolved around three words “light, bright, and texture”

If you follow me along on instagram, you will know about ‘paint-gate’ which was a joke, but also totally not a joke.  All of our trim in our house is painted “Eider White” by Sherwin Williams. Eider White is technically not a white and is in reality a very, very light gray that has a base of black and maroon.  This paint can go pink/purple REAL fast if you don’t pair the right color paint next to it. When it was next to a much darker gray it allowed it to appear light a very creamy white, but pairing it next to a brighter white was going to let it reveal its true gray color.  

The whole paint scandal is a story for another day, but just know I thought I would paint the whole room this color and after I did the whole room turned a purple/pink hue and it felt like a chill bedroom of every teen girls dream.  I.e. not the light and bright chill master retreat I was hoping to create.

Tiny Bits of Happiness- Master Bedroom Before

I quickly went into research mode to remedy our purple bedroom situation and ended up finding the perfect pairing with Benjamin Moore’s color, “Simply White.”  This color is TRULY a great color. I left the trim and traced ceiling the “Eider White” which created a super pretty contrast. This bright and neutral white allowed “Eider White” to look gray and created a really cool contrast with the ceiling.  

Once the room was painted it gave the perfect foundation and feeling for the master.  We are currently furnishing and decorating a lot of rooms in our home, so the master bedroom will have to be completed in phases because that’s the reality of a budget and wanting to feel at home in other spaces of our home.  I’ve got a general outline of where I want the space to go, but I’m also open to finding new fun and unexpected pieces.

Here was our plan for phase 1:


  • Paint walls a nice and bright white (cue: Benjamin Moore Simply White)

  • New king mattress (our queen looked SO SMALL in this space and we’ve been itching for an upgrade.  It was the perfect time. Our Casper mattress has exceeded our expectations)

  • New king bed frame

  • Cherry on top was the art above our bed

Tiny Bits of Happiness: Light & Bright Master Bedroom Reveal

We chose a deep-gray bed from Wayfair for a substantial comfy look while also being durable and forgiving.  I LOVE me some white,light beige, or linen looking furniture, but it HAS to either be a slipcover or SUPER stain resistant material.  I could not justify us getting a super light colored bed frame knowing how easily it might stain (I had visions of dogs throwing up, future babies projectile pooping or vomiting, etc. My head took it a bit far). It was also a  GREAT price for a king-sized frame and it was paired with wonderful reviews (which is crucial when purchasing from Wayfair).

We purchased a Casper mattress and it has honestly exceeded our expectations.  We paired our new mattress with two Casper king-size pillows that create the feeling of laying your head on a cloud while still being supported.  It was been a life-giving gift. Light & Bright Master Bedroom Reveal

After making those two big-ticket purchases and needing other furniture for our house, I went and hunted around our other rooms to find a quick solution.  I knew I wanted wood or wicker/rattan to lighten up the color of the bed, add a laid-back feel, and add some easy texture. I snagged two caned chairs I had found on craigslist that had the perfect flat seat that allowed for books and/or a tray to be placed on top.  A basket in the bottom allows us to store anything we don’t want to be seen. They are a perfect temporary solution.

We kept the bedding simple with white sheets, white duvet cover, and linen-cotton blend throw.  I used everything we had on hand and while I plan on adding more pattern in the future, I am focusing on texture.  I paired it with a pair of light beige throw pillows we had already and a white tassel throw. It is a perfect cozy and neutral bed that allows it to snuggle in.   

So what are three guidelines you can use to get a bright and neutral bedroom?

Three ways to get a Bright and Cozy Space:

  • White/Bright Neutral Bases

    • Think warm white walls, white bedding, and white throws. These create the base of the bright canvas and create the greater overall bright feeling in the room.

    • I know painting a whole room white isn’t always an option or desired, so focus on large light surfaces. This can be done with all white bedding, a white head board, white art and white frames. If you haven’t painted your trim in a while, it is amazing what a freshening up of a ceiling and trim will do to a space. White drapes that are placed high and wide around a window can do wonders too.

  • Add in pops of contrast

    • We did this with our charcoal gray head board, black vases, and the Seascape art above our bed.

    • It feels a little counter-intuitive to add dark elements, but it really does ground the space and make the lighter areas that you’ve established pop.

    • These contrasting elements can also be added through a dark pattered rug, dark art or art frames, black/dark light fixtures (sconces next to the bed are my favorite), or some dark contrasting throws and throw pillows.

  • Add in texture and coziness

    • Adding in texture kicks the whole thing up another notch, but this does not mean adding a bunch of stuff to make it feel cluttered.

    • We added texture with our neutral woven throw pillows, throw blankets, and the rattan chairs we are using as night stands. The brass lamp and floral elements add in a nice flavor as well.

    • Think woods, woven items, and brass elements to layer these in. Texture is a great way to add again through art or wall hangings, cozy throws or patterns, shams, rugs, and baskets.

    • A nightstand is a great place to add in some subtle and functional texture like wood boxes, a vase, table lamp, and a plant.

Sources for our bedroom:

Our King Bed: This bed frame Wayfair is a great price point. The upholstered headboard goes all the way to the ground and the side rails coordinate nicely with the whole frame.

Our Art Prints: Seascape I and Seascape II were both downloaded as digital files from Juniper Print Shop

Our Frames: c/o Frame it Easy! We had them print and frame our prints from Juniper Print Shop. We chose wood frames in the color “honey” without any matting. They add the most beautiful subtle texture and really let the prints shine.

Our Brass Library Lamp: Now I had found this beauty on sale at Target for $50! SO GOOD! But, it is BEAUTIFUL and I would say it’s worth every penny full price. The brass is solid and it has a very natural feel opposed to passing for another metal that was spray painted in a gold matte spray.

Our Duvet & Bedding: Guys, this stone washed cotton is the real deal. The price point is amazing for a king sized cover and it has held up beautifully the past two years. It almost has a feel of linen, but it is a fraction of the price. It washes up amazing (there have been spills and dog throw-up) and each stain has come out super easy with stain remover. This one is such a goody.

Our Throw Pillows: All the pillow covers we’ve ever had have been scored during a Pottery Barn clearance event, but they are seriously the real deal. I have this style in two different colors and it is so beautiful. They have held up to naps, dog snuggles, and being tossed from the bed to the floor.

Our Mattress: Our Casper mattress and pillows have exceeded our expectations. Light & Bright Master Bedroom Reveal