Ozark Beer Co. | Pumpkin Lettering Workshop

Ozark Beer Co. | Pumpkin Lettering Workshop


Ozark Beer Company | Rogers, Arkansas
Thursday | October 17th, 2019

6:30-7:30 (1 hour)

This super fun one-hour workshop will teach you how to create your own custom pumpkins with your own handwriting. You will receive one-on-one help while creating your pumpkin and you will get the tools and support to complete this at home too! This is a perfect way to celebrate and have some fall fun. Come by yourself, or grab your kiddies, your besties, your neighbors and have a great night!

Supplies include: Real pumpkin and Paint Pen

**Please Note: You will not be taught modern calligraphy/hand lettering skills in this quick 1 hour workshop. This workshop is designed to teach you how to letter on pumpkins for the holiday season. If you’d like to learn more about hand lettering keep an eye out for my Introduction to Hand lettering Workshops.

Other lettering materials and supports will be available during the workshop. Additional real and faux pumpkins will be available for purchase at the workshop for lettering as well.

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