‘You Are' Inspirational Print

‘You Are' Inspirational Print


**One of the best selling prints is available for preorder. Snag yours before it’s gone again (last cycle sold out in less than one week!) Will ship out in approximately two weeks or less from order placement  

This print has my whole heart. Hand painted with calligraphy ink, this print is filled with words to inspire and remind us every day that we are filled with greatness, goodness, and infinite possibilities for living a beautiful life. I had started this print on accident when I was making an idea list of inspirational words and affirmations. Naturally this quick list then turned into a sketch and then a sketch turned into a print for my office. I realized we ALL could benefit from a little extra love or remind one of our fellow sisters of their true greatness.

Details: This is a hand-painted calligraphy ink print that has been reproduced for a line of prints. It’s printed on high quality 118-pound card stock and shows the beautiful organic nature of brush strokes, preserving the hand crafted nature of the original. Dimensions are 8”x10” and will be available to ship in approximately one-week.

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