5 Morning Habits to Change your Life


Habits that will change your day and change your life


Y’all what I’m about to say is not rocket science or earth shattering. It’s a good ole reminder that our habits are important and it’s a simple fact that our habits impact every part of our life. So let’s imagine this whole thing as a coffee date where we share what we are doing and we remind ourselves that we are in control and our actions matter. Our actions are important.

Our Habits can create energy or deplete our energy.

I’ll be honest, sometimes I’m ROCKING my morning habits and sometimes they all get thrown by the wayside with a snooze alarm and late night sessions of Netflix. HOWEVER, let me tell you, I 100% feel better when my habits are in check.

No human is perfect and it is hard to feel ‘on’ all the time, but our energy, efforts, and intention with our habits is crucial to our mental health, our relationships (with ourselves and others), our health, and our overall outlook on life. I’m not being dramatic here, I’m just stating facts.

5 Simple Morning Habits || Tiny Bits of Happiness
5 Simple Morning Habits || Tiny Bits of Happiness
5 Simple Morning Habits || Tiny Bits of Happiness

What are these habits? Buckle up! While they are simple in nature, that doesn’t mean that they are easy. I recently had this realization that just because something is simple it doesn’t necessarily mean easy. Something being simple often means it’s straight forward and OUR ACTIONS are typically the only things that are standing in our way of making it happen. Let me repeat that again, we are in control of our habits. They are simple because it typically only depends on us and our own efforts. We can either make them happen or keep on truckin’ down the same road we’ve been on. And let’s be honest, where is that getting us? Sure, binge watching 2 seasons of Outlander on Netflix felt nice and romantic in the moment. But then that niceness and all those good feelings went away and I was left with the realization of the time investment I just had in show that will bring me no closer to any of my goals.

T H E H A B I T S:


    • I know, I know. It’s hard. But an early wakeup time always starts with a good bedtime. If you have kids or a busy life, I get it. But also, that means you are the expert in crafting a way to create a schedule that works for you. I wake up anywhere between 5 AM and 6 AM. This lets me savor and drink my coffee slowly. I get to journal and make goals. I exercise and shower and have a healthy smoothie for breakfast. When I was teaching at a middle school, I would often wake up at 4:45 just to make sure I could fit in a good morning routine. It’s worth it.


    1. This whole step takes maybe 5-10 minutes and is such a great way to get your mindset ready for the day. I’ve started using Rachel Hollis Start Today Journal and I really really love it. Whatever it is— a random notebook, a Moleskin Journal— it’s really helpful to sit down and write down what small things you are grateful for (not like “I’m grateful for my husband,” of course I am grateful for him). Look for the gratitude in every moment or every day. So mine could be “I’m grateful for Steve making me laugh about _____ or impersonating Stella, or sending me a sweet text, or hugging me extra tight before he left for work today, etc” It’s a simple shift that keeps the blessings present in our every day life. I also like to write goals about the future vision to keep the icky thoughts at bay and keeps me jazzed about the future.


    • I know someone just rolled their eyes or peaced out when they read this. HEAR ME OUT. This step is so simple and so giving. Sit down or lay down on the ground. I prefer sitting against a wall to support my back, or laying on the ground on my back with one hand on my heart and my legs and arms to my sides. Start with a 5 minute timer, focus on your breathing. Don’t worry about banishing every thought. Let them come and then drift away (think of watching clouds pass by as you lay on the ground) and just breath. Maybe check in with God and/or the Universe. Let your body rest and relax. It’s a great way to feel connected with your heart and soul.


    • Do 30 minutes of movement//exercise. I like to get out and take Stella for a walk/run. It’s good for her, good for me, and we get to connect with nature. This could also be a yoga routine. Or weights. Or any work out you darn well love. Just move your body. You are creating energy for your day. You are giving your body a gift. You are showing up for yourself. This is one of the most important things to set the tone for your day. Do not underestimate the power of it. Even if it’s a ‘bad’ or ‘lack luster’ exercise, it’s still so much better than no exercise. So go move and create some good energy.


    • Start your day with nutrients that will nourish you. I have found when I make good decisions in the morning, it’s so much easier to make better decisions later in the day. A smoothie, while it takes a few steps to get it together, is so easy to take with you to work, or with you on your commute saving you time in the long run. I also like hard boiled eggs, or throwing a fried egg on last nights left overs (very Whole-30 style). Whatever it is, you know what you like or what makes you feel good- go for it.

5 Simple Morning Habits || Tiny Bits of Happiness

Like I said, this whole thing isn’t rocked science. It’s simple and straight forward. It’s about how we show up and when we show up in ways that serve us, our families, and our goals first thing in the morning, it kicks off the whole day on that energy path.

And the thing about morning routines? It starts with your night routine. So try and give yourself a gift of getting it together at night so you have a smoother morning. Prep your coffee and have everything ready to go. Lay out your work out clothes and have everything organized. When I was teaching, I would make sure my lunch, bag, and anything else I was bringing that day was all ready to go. I had my outfit for work picked out and new exactly how long it would take me to get ready. Figuring out your time and your own system is so worth it. The time investment will pay itself over and over again.

5 SIMPLE MORNING HABITS || Tiny Bits of Happiness