No Spend August

August is here!  And to kick it off right, I’m beginning a "no-spend" month.

no spend august .jpg


A little background on the timing:

Every July and August bring school supply displays and back-to-school advertisements.  Over the past years, August would bring feelings of excitement and to be honest, intense anxiousness.  For the past 8 years, August would have me preparing for new students, new faces, reviewing curriculum, and pouring over individualized educational plans.  And when I was a student myself, I would prepare for a new school year, new teachers, new assignments, and new milestones of growth.  It's always been focused on school, school, school. 

This August means something so, so different to me because I will not be going back to my career in teaching.  

This year I will be creating and mapping out my own day, I will be driving my schedule, and I will be filling my time to best meet the needs of my family and my business. This next month I will be embracing a more minimalist approach to life and finding the joy in the things we own and letting go of the things that no longer serve us.


Here’s a list of things I am saying NO to:

  • Going out to eat

  • Shopping for clothes or home decor

  • New and unnecessary beauty products

  • Entertainment

  • Buying more books

Here are things I can spend money on:

  • Our current bills and mortgage (hello responsibility!)

  • Groceries (Only what we need. Clear plan and schedule)

  • Scheduled work jobs for our kitchen renovation (We have already planned and prepared for these)

  • Necessary toiletries (i.e. deodorant if it runs out, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.)

  • Business expenses and needs

And of course, this is not a perfect solution or an answer to all the questions and unknowns we have.  This is however, a step in a direction of sitting with what we have and being more intentional with how to move forward. 

What do you think of a "no-spend" month? What would it look like for you?  Or what's one way you can give some extra focus to all the great stuff you already have?


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